Newsletter December 2017

Information from the
International Federation of Pueri Cantores
Seasons Greetings,
a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all

Les voix des Pueri Cantores élèvent nos âmes
Elles nous apportent la paix intérieure.

The voice of Pueri Cantores lifts up our hearts,
Brings quiet into our souls.
Hark! Listen....

The Council of Administration of the International Federation of Pueri Cantores
Our new vice-presidents
Gabriel Frausto
Mr Gabriel de Jesús Frausto Zamora,

Born 1973 in Colima, Mexico, grown up in Maracaibo (Venezuela), member of the Orchestra of the Children’s Institute of Zulia.
As of 1984, back in Mexico, he studied piano, organ and vocal technique, composition and harmony. In Guadalajara, Jalisco, he graduated at the Diocesan School of Sacred Music.
On May 1, 2016, he was elected President of the Mexican Federation of Pueri Cantores.
In the FIPC, he keeps contact with the Spanish (and Portuguese) speaking federations and helps the new federations in Latin America as Ambassador of the International Federation of Pueri Cantores for Latin America .
Mr Matthias Balzer, Germany
Born 1955, studied sacred music at the University of Frankfurt/Germany. From 1980 - 1995 he worked as organist and conductor of children-, youth-, and adult-choirs at the lake of Constance. Since 1995 he is the director of the Institute for the education of church-musicians in the diocese of Treve / Germany. 2007 he was elected President of the German federation of Pueri Cantores. 
Matthias Balzer is responsible for communication inside Pueri Cantores. Also he is the head of the committee for International Congresses and the contact person for the English and German speaking federations.
Barcelona News
Actual state of enrolments:
12 federations (+ 3 pending)
107 choirs (+ 3 pending)
about 3750 participants
Unfortunately - for security reasons - not all of them will have the opportunity to stay in the Gala Concert and in the Closing Mass in the Baslica of Sagrada Familia.
These choirs will be informed about their special opportunities.
News from the Federation of Pueri Cantores of Rwanda
The Rwandan Federation of Pueri Cantores has existed since 1957 and is approved by the Episcopal Conference. 64 member choirs operate under the auspices of parents and parishes. Before the 1994 Genocide that devastated all country’s spheres of life, Rwandan singers had participated in the international congresses held in London, Maracaibo, Brussels, Paris and Maastricht. However, the federation has been organizing different congresses at the national level. For this year, another congress is taking place from 14 to 18 December 2017 in Ruhengeri Diocese, in the northern part of Rwanda. This will gather around 1000 young singers with presence of important singers’ delegations from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi, the neighboring countries. Rwandan singers are very grateful to Mr Jean Henric, President of the International Federation, who for that occasion, wrote a spiritually powerful and encouraging letter that will be translated and read to all congress participants.
A Journey together -
Meeting of the choirs of the Federation PC of India in Bandra

We live on different continents. We speak different languages. But the one thing we have in common is that we are all on the same journey together! Pueri Cantores India Federation concluded the 14th Annual Festival of Sacred and Religious music on Dec 17 coinciding with Gaudete Sunday. The theme of the festival was ‘Journey Together’. The festival started with a Eucharistic celebration in the morning and culminated with a Gala concert late evening featuring 9 choirs from the Diocese of Mumbai and Vasai. The grand finale featuring the theme song and a medley of carols accompanied by an orchestral ensemble aptly conveyed the theme of Journeying together. Besides the musical preparation for the festival, our participants also prepared for Advent by engaging themselves in various social activities reaching out to the poor and the needy and those that live on the fringes of Society. This made the theme truly come alive.  
Joe Cordo, President, Pueri Cantores India Federation
Starting the organization of the Congress in Florence 2020

The organizing works of the 43rd International Congress of Pueri Cantores are proceeding as foreseen.
Acutally, we are meeting and making arrangements with the institutions.
The official dates are 15-19 July 2020 and Florence is enthusiastic about the idea of hosting such a prestigious event.
The locations, the collaborations and the proposed schedule will be up to your expectations, but our goal is to exceed them.
Picture: President Jean Henric with the former and the actual president of the Italian Federation of Pueri Cantores, with the director of the choir of the Dome of Florence and with the main organizers of the congress 2020
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