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International Federation of Pueri Cantores
Hommage à Mons. Maillet
À l'occasion de l'assemblée générale de la Fédération Française des Petits Chanteurs, notre président Jean Henric a rendu hommage au fondateur du mouvement des Pueri Cantores. La cérémonie s’est déroulée à Paris, cimetière de Belleville, dimanche 21 janvier en clôture de l’assemblée générale de la fédération française. Cette action a été très appréciée par tous. Il a déposé une gerbe sur la tombe au nom de la FIPC en collaboration avec les Amis de Mgr Maillet.

Homage to Mons. Maillet
After the General Assembly of the French Federation of Pueri Cantores, our president Jean Henric gave his due to the founder of our movement. The ceremony was held at the cimetery of Belleville, Paris, on Sunday, 21 January as closing act of the General Meeting. This act was highly appreciated by everybody. Mr. Jean Henric deposed a bouquet on the grave in the name of the FIPC together with the friends of Mons. Maillet.
The staff of the FIPC: Secretary and Treasurer
Gabriel Frausto
Mr Willi Oeschger, Switzerland

Born 1952 in Baden, Switzerland, as from 1972 member of the Singkreis Baden, a children's and youth choir of the parish that became member of the Swiss Federation of Pueri Cantores. 1977 the choir participated at the Rassegna in Loreto. 1984 he was elected president of the Swiss Federation of Pueri Cantores, in 2000 the General Assembly in Paris elected him Secretary of the FIPC. 2002 he changed his duty in Switzerland and became Secretary there as well.
After studies in Latin and Ancient Greek at the University of Zurich he tought Latin and IT at the college Kantonsschule Wiedikon Zürich. In February 2018 he was pensioned off and now has even more time for his hobby - the Pueri Cantores of the whole world.
Mr Gian Luca Paolucci, Italy

Born 1964 in Macerata, Italy. From 1973 to 1988 he was a singer in the parish choir Pueri Cantores “Zamberletti” of Macerata, becoming its conductor after the death of the founder M° Don Fernando Morresi.
He graduated in Choral Music and Choir Direction in 1985, in Composition in 1989 and in Law in 1991.
After having been a member of the Bureau of the Italian Pueri Cantores Federation since 1991, he was President of the Italian Federation from 1997 to 2006.
In 2004, during the General Assembly in Rome, he was elected treasurer of the FIPC, the function that he still performs today.
He was involved in the organization of the International Congresses in Rome in 2005, 2010, 2015.
GL Paolucci still conducts the Pueri Cantores “Zamberletti” and the “Cantando” Choir and practises the legal profession as a lawyer in Macerata.
Barcelona News

Our president Jean Henric, together with the honorary president Robert Tyrała and a delegation of the organizing committee, met on February 22, 2018, the Cardinal of Barcelona, His Eminence, Mgr. Juan José Omella Omella, and informed him about the congress. The meeting was a great succes and the Cardinal is happy to welcome the Pueri Cantores of the whole world.
Germany: Pueri engagiert sich - Pueri commits itself
With the claim "Pueri engagiert sich", the German Federation of Pueri Cantores wants to set out to give more expression and power to its commitment according to the motto „Tomorrow, all the children of the world will sing God's peace". The support of refugee and migrant children, the support of Pueri Cantores choirs in Latin American, African and Asian countries and, above all, the Prayers for Peace will be important milestones. They have a long and rich tradition in the history of the Pueri Cantores and perhaps it will be possible to integrate these elements into the daily life of the choirs, from the smallest to the most artistic form. In this way, each singer can actively help to bring the world closer to God's peace.
The European Choral Association 'Europa Cantat' works since 63 years as another big international choir-federation. Every three years they organize a choir-meeting, every time in a different country of Europe - 2018 in Tallinn. Any information about the activities of "Europa Cantat" you can find in the newsletter or the official website.
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