Pueri Cantores

Singing for peace, worshipping God and experiencing community in a worldwide movement

Founded in 1950 by a French Abbé named Fernand Maillet the international federation of children- and youth-choirs grew up to 999 members coming from 25 countries. Every year girls and boys meet in different cities all over the world to sing for peace, praise the Lord and having fun to make music together. They generate a vivid community with a powerful cultural and spiritual impulse.


News from the Federation of Pueri Cantores of Rwanda

The Rwandan Federation of Pueri Cantores has existed since 1957 and is approved by the Episcopal Conference. 64 member choirs operate under the auspices of parents and parishes. Before the 1994 Genocide that devastated all country’s spheres of life,...

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Europa cantat

The European Choral Association 'Europa Cantat' works since 63 years as another big international choir-federation. Every three years they organize a choir-meeting, every time in a different country of Europe - 2018 in Tallinn. Any information about the...

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About Pueri Cantores

The basis of the modern International Federation of Pueri Cantores was formed on a deep ancient Christian conviction…

International Congresses

The international congresses are highlights in the community of pueri cantores.

Federations of Pueri Cantores

All over the world the are numerous federations and correspondents in our international community…

Letters & Links

Pueri Cantores is a community of mutual aims and ideals, living one spiritual life. Read our letters, discover the web…

We PUERI CANTORES sing our faith.

For this reason we are a sign of hope for the world.

Our worldwide community aims to be a symbol of the love of God for all people and of love for each other.