Statutes FIPC







The main aim set and pursued by Pueri Cantores is education of young people through Christian values and sacred music.
In Art. 5 of the Statutes the aims of Pueri Cantores have been explicitly stated as:

1. Promoting among Pueri Cantores, with their own participation, liturgical music, from Gregorian chant to classical and modern polyphony and contemporary music, composed according to the ecclesiastical prescriptions of each culture;

2. Promoting works of quality so that it may be possible to cultivate and form the directors and the Petits Chanteurs from the spiritual, intellectual, musical and aesthetic points of view;

3. Leading all the members of the Federation, regardless of nationality, towards brotherly understanding, founded on and bound together by sincere friendship and mutual assistance, in order to help build a new world: “All the children of the world will sing the Peace of God” (Mgr Maillet)

International Congresses of Pueri Cantores are held every two years. Each time they are the time of unity and strengthening unanimity of ideals. International congresses create opportunities for meetings of young choristers from all around the world and establishing new contacts which results in mutual exchanges. The major event of each Congress is a solemn liturgy of the Holy Mass, during which all participating choirs, united into one big choir of several thousand singers perform together liturgical singing. A ceremonial gala concert, be the culminating artistic event of every Congress is a special occasion to present religious music of different countries, nations and music traditions. A very important element of Congresses is a prayer for peace – as a multinational, multiracial and multicultural yet a joint and border-free call for peace in the world. And the fact that it is children singing is extremely important for the world future.